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Repairing Sunken Concrete with Mud Jacking
Uneven Concrete Repair | Fix Sinking Concrete with Mud Jacking


If you have noticed that your sidewalk or driveayw looks to be sinking in areas or rising in other it is most like caused by sinking soild due to erosion. It may seem ireparable but it actually can be fixed with Mud Jacking From gaje Contracting.

Concrete slabs, sidewalks, driveways, concrete arage floors decks, often sink due to settlement or erosion of underlying soil. This can cause hazards and drainage problems around the foundation. Mud Jacking has been the traditional method for lifting sunken concrete slabs, but is it the best method? Let us come to your and survey the issue.

Mud Jacking is the process of boring numerous, large-diameter injection holes, and injecting a slurry of cement and soil beneath the slab. Because the “mud” is hydraulically pumped under considerable pressure, it can lift the offending slab section back to its original position.

Mud Jacking from Gaje Contracting - Gilbert AZ

Have you noticed sinking concrete slabs inside or outside of your home. THiss can cuse cracking of foundations if it is near the base of your home. Especially inside your home. This can lead to serious problems.

We have extensive experience with Mud Jacking. Here is a simple graphic that will explain how sunken concrete slabs are repaired with Mud Jacking

mud jacking sunken concrete repair

Sinking Concrete can be repaired by the experts at Gaje Contracting.

Expert Concrete Repair with Mud Jacking

Uneven Concrete is a serious problem that is not to be ignored. It can be a hazard and lessens the integrity of your home. If you have sunken concrete, you should contact us for Mud Jacking as soon as possible.

We will come to your home and do a FREE Evaluation and quote for Mud Jacking. We service the Chandler, Gilbert and Greater Phoenix Area. Mud Jacking - Gilbert

We are a full service concrete repair specialists in Arizona. Specializing in mud jacking, stem wall repair, slab repair, sidewalk repair, and much more.

Your homes concrete repair needs are important to us. Please contact. Call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We can Fix Your Uneven / Sinking Concrete Once & For All.

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