Arizona Concrete Crack Repair

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Gaje Concrete repairs cracked concrete foundations and cracked stem walls. This is a common issue in the Phoenix Arizona Area. Many contributing factors cause cracked foundations and stem walls. The most common is expanding soil caused by moisture around the home. The Arizona climate is extremely dry; However many homes have landscaping drip systems or sprinklers for watering lawns. Water and moisture close to the home over time will cause erosion of concrete stem walls and expanding of soil around a home.

Arizona Concrete Crack Repair

Have you noticed cracks on the outside foundation stem wall of your building? This can be a serious problem.

We have experience with repairing foundation cracks. We also know how to provide permanent solutions to the problem.

Cracked foundations can be repaired by our experts at Gaje Contracting.

Arizona Concrete Crack Repair - Phoenix Chandler Gilbert Mesa ScottsdaleWe will review you homes concrete repair needs and we will create a professional repair estimnate in order to get your home cracked foundation or cracked stem, wall fixed.

Expert Concrete Repair

A cracked foundation is a serious problem not to be ignored. The longer you put it off the larger the problems can be. A shifting foundation will cause concrete to crack underneath your homes flooring as well as cracks in your homes walls.

Ask us to come out andyou will get a FREE quote for Your Foundation Concrete Crack Repair.

Concrete Repair in Arizona by Gaje Contracting

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